Group Visits

A group of local parents and children from Home-Start (a charity that supports families) visited in April 2011, to give the children a fun and educational day out.  We first showed them around Skelmonae Farm and allowed the children to climb onboard some of the big machinery that we used during construction of the windfarm, before taking everyone on a tour in and around the wind turbines and the viewpoint at the top of the hill.

A group of Methlick Beaver Cubs came to visit Skelmonae Windfarm in May 2010 and had a guided tour to look around the site and inside the towers. They learned how electricity can be generated by using just the power of the wind. The children were very interested to get close to the turbines and many commented on how quietly the blades turned. Methlick Beaver Cubs wrote in our visitors’ book: “Thank you for our visit to see the fantastic quiet windmills.” Please click here to see the lovely drawings and Thank You notes that they also sent to us after their tour.

One 10-year old schoolchild who attended a guided tour of the windfarm sent us a Thank You card saying: “It was really amazing and I couldn’t believe how tall they were and how quiet they were.”

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